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Thank you for the smiles

As the title says:

"thank you for the smiles"


School has been very different this year, not just for the children but for the staff too.  There have been some exciting, new changes that have really benefitted the children and our school is, still, a great place to be.  There are obviously some of the ‘old ways’ that we miss but we have worked hard together, with you at home, to make our new routines work for the children.  Seeing them come in to school every day is testament to this.  Thank you for your support.

We love our school and are proud of what we think we are doing well and how much the children are progressing academically and socially.  However, it is nice to hear from you, families at home and find out what you think.  I have put your kind words up on display boards outside the staff room so that staff can read them as they go for their break or head back to class

Thank you once again for your kind words and comments

Very best wishes

From Mrs Walkden