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Hello Everyone!


It's hard to believe there is just two weeks left of the term. Some of you are in school and some of you are at home, it has been wonderful to keep in touch with you on here, via emails, on Zoom, on the facebook group, and in person. 

We would normally be preparing you for your move to the next year group in school. You will appreciate that as things are a little bit different this year we have worked hard to make the transition as positive an experience as possible. Look out for an email message from your new teachers this week! 


We understand that after all these weeks it can be hard to maintain enthusiasm for home learning but please take some time to be kind to yourselves. You are doing an amazing job in very, very challenging times. If you need support with home learning or some communication to maybe encourage your little ones to keep going please

e-mail your class teacher and keep posting your work on our Facebook group. 

Don't forget to check for new stories on our ‘storytelling corner’ page EVERY MONDAY, and you can find our Facebook group at


Take care, stay safe and keep in touch, the VPI staff. xx heart

Victoria Park Infant School May 2020

A message for our children xx