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Monday 11th January


Hello Reception 2 Families

Welcome to the start of a brand new week of home learning. I hope that you are all rested and that you have had a really lovely weekend.


Monday's Literacy/Phonics




Practise the phonemes that we have learnt to date

We will remain focused on the digraphs ch sh th ng this week

Play Splat ch sh th Grapheme

(a grapheme is a phoneme in its written form)

In the game the children will practise making a correspondence between the letter (grapheme) and its sound (phoneme) and splat the given grapheme on the screen.

Read the Phoneme Spotter story. Can you find all of the words that contain the 'th' digraph? When you have found them, can you write them in a list?



This week we will continue to find out about the Artic. We have already discovered some awesome animals that live and survive in the cold, cold Arctic. This week we will be finding out about one Arctic animal in particular...


The Polar Bear!

Polar bears are incredible animals! Please follow the link below and allow your child to watch and listen to the telling of a super story that will teach them so many things about Arctic life and polar bears. I hope you enjoy it. 

We will use this story throughout the week to guide our learning. Chat to your child and ask them to tell you 3 amazing facts that they learnt from listening to the story. They could write their facts down or you could scribe them for your child. There is some lovely lined writing paper to use in the link below but a plain piece of paper will be just fine.

Polar bear bordered paper

Monday's Maths


Time for warming up our brains first!

  • Practise recognising and naming numbers 0-20 (make or print off some 0-20 flash cards, follow the link below for 0-30 cards-some children would like the stretch of recognising numbers 20-30 too)
  • Count from 0 -20 and then back to 0


This week we are going to recap being able to recall in our heads and record one more and one less of a given number to 5/10/20.


Here are some hands on, practical challenges to get you started...



Friday's Topic Work


It is time for some singing and rhyming!

Please follow the links below for 5 songs/rhymes that will help to inform or reinforce newly learnt facts about polar bears. Singing is also good for the spirit! I wonder if you coukd make up some actions too?!

Friday's Physical Challenge


Here is an age appropriate, animated fitness work out to wear them out! Follow the link below and enjoy!


Kids Home Exercises: Workout To Stay Active At Home

That is all for today. Please remember parents and carers. We are so very aware that everyone at home has a different set of circumstances when it comes to home learning. This learning is for you to manage  and enjoy with an approach that is right for you and your family. 



Miss Hodgson and I miss you millions! See you tomorrow for more learning and fun!

Mrs Cook x