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Hellooooooooooo Reception 2 Families!

Welcome to Friday’s Home Learning!


Friday’s Topic/Literacy Work


I really hope that you have enjoyed the Polar Regions topic as much as I have. Today is our last day of the topic. Next week we have a new mini-topic. You’ll find out more about that later!


Today we are going to enjoy stories that are told in different ways. One story is a moving story – an animation. The other is a picture book told in word and pictures. I wonder which you will prefer? These stories are about a little penguin called Pingu. This little character has been around for a long time. Your grownups night remember him from when they were little!

Enjoy this animation about funny little Pingu…

Pingu Season 1 Episode 1

Here is a Pingu story that is told from a picture book.

Pingu: School Time

Did you enjoy the animation? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it? Did you prefer the story book that was told in pictures and words? Do you like stories being told in animation (moving stories)? Or do you prefer stories told from books?


Here is a little video about how the Pingu animations are made (check out the 80s/90s hairdos and fashions grownups!)…

Making of Pingu (CBBC)

I wonder if you could make a playdough or plasticine penguin? If you have playdough or plasticine at home already then great! If you have the correct colours then great! If not, then please don’t worry! Your penguin can be any colour!   If you’d like to make some salt dough or playdough with your grownups, then there are easy to follow recipes below. You could colour your salt dough penguin with paint or felt pens when it has dried and could have a funky multi-coloured penguin!

Here is a little video that shows you how to make a little penguin model that looks like Pingu!

Play-Doh Penguin - How to make a Play-Doh Penguin, step-by-step

Maybe you could give your little penguin a name? Maybe you could make up a little story about him/her? What will he/she get up to on their adventures?!

Grownups, there are loads of Pingu animations and stories on YouTube if your little person enjoys them.



Follow the Phase 2 and/or Phase 3 phoneme practise videos for a recap.

Phase 2: 

Phase 2 Phonics Letter Sounds

Phase 3:

Phonics Digraphs Phase 3 Phonics

Listen to the Alphablocks tell you a story with short and long ‘oo’ phonemes!


Play the Roll and Read game to practise reading the 'oo/oo' words and deciding if they need a long or a short 'oo'. All you need is a dice and you can play it on screen or you can print it off and your child can work through independently crossing the words off as they go. Click the link below the picture.


Here is a short reading activity with some quick multiple choice questions. You can access it on the screen or you can print it off using the link below then picture.


This is a lovely resource that you can return to again and again with your child to practise reading their Tricky Sight Words. They can read and pop the words on the screen. Maybe you can say a word and they can find it and pop it. They could put each word into a sentence as they read them.

You can work through the TW Phases 2-5 or start and finish at the set that your child is confident with.



The PowerPoint link is below…


Friday’s Maths Work


Time to warm up those brains first! Can you solve these problems?




Can you write these numbers in the air, on the ground and then on paper!

2      5      8       3      0      6     9     1     4      7



Thinking Some More About Pattern


This is a nice song and interactive activity to practise continuing repeated patterns…


The Patterns Practice Song | Math Songs | Scratch Garden

Have a go at continuing these wintery repeated patterns. If you’re not able to print you can say the pattern out loud or click the link below the picture to print…


Repeated patterns can be made with actions as well as with things that we can see. This is how dances are made. This is a song and dance using repeated patterns.

Patterns made of shapes, patterns made of grapes. Patterns in the air, patterns everywhere.

Friday’s Physical Challenge


It has been a busy day and it is Friday!!! Time to Shake it Off! Can you follow the Zumba actions?

Taylor Swift - "Shake it off" Zumba Kids

These mindfulness colouring sheets are a big fave in class. The children get really absorbed in them. They have a polar animals theme. Click below the picture to print.


That’s it for today Reception 2!


Next week we are going to find out about Chinese New Year!

To get you thinking, can you work out what the Zodiac Animal is for the members of your family  (I am an Ox! So this year’s animal is my Zodiac animal!) . Check on the poster below…



Have a lovely weekend everyone. I am going to part with a lovely new story read by Miss Hodgson, she sends hugs to you all, as do I.

Mrs Cook x


The Tomten