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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Monday 8th February

Good morning and happy Monday. This is the last week of Spring 1 half term.

Before we start with today’s home learning, I just want to say a great big “WELL DONE” to the children who are reading books from the Epic online library. Together as a class you have now read 100 books! That is amazing! I have attached our Epic Readerpillar with our stickers attached to it. Our next sticker will be for 150 books!


This week we are doing a mini-topic about Chinese New Year. Please watch the attached story which tells you a little about the zodiac calendar and why a different animal is chosen for each year.

CBeebies | Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) | Zodiac Story

Learn how the Zodiac years were named by the Jade Emperor.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your pre...

Explain to your child that this year is the year of the Ox. Encourage your child to draw a picture of an ox and write the word next to it. Have a look at the picture attached to help you.

Next, have a look at the zodiac calendar. Can you find the year that you were born in and the year your child was born in? What is your zodiac animal? Mine is the snake!

The attached video will help you to understand how people prepare for Chinese New Year.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie and her brother clean the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.Visit CBeebies at to find even more ...


Recap phase 2 and 3 look at PowerPoint and see which sounds your child can recognise. You can revisit this PowerPoint as many times as you would like.

Play the tricky word game

Phase 2
Phase 3


Can your child warm up their brains by completing the attached maths challenge cards?

Now can you complete the number sequencing activity. Put the animals in the correct order according to their number, starting with 1 and finishing with 12. To extend this activity, you could ask your child to make new cards for the numbers 13-20 and choose an animal to draw on the number cards. Can they continue to sequence the numbers correctly?


I have attached a couple of craft ideas to make a cherry blossom painting/collage. You can come back to these activities at any time.


Just before you get comfy to listen to the story, I just want to say ‘thank you’ for all your super work today. I will look forward to seeing what you have been busy doing and I will see you all tomorrow.

Take care

Mrs Spooner x


I hope you enjoy listening to Peppa’s Chinese New Year story

PEPPA PIG "PEPPA'S CHINESE NEW YEAR" - Read Aloud Storybook for kids, children

Peppa Pig - Peppa's Chinese New Year* Peppa and her friends are excited to celebrate Chinese New Year. They hang lanterns, wear red, and participate in a d...