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Week beginning 22nd June 2020

In the area of mathematical development we will explore movement with a trip to the park.

There are lots of different activities you can take part in to keep fit and active.

Various activities involve different ways of moving.  

Find the football goal posts.  See how many goals you can score.  What do you need to do with the football to score a goal?

Take your bike or scooter to the track and see how many times you can scoot or pedal around.  How fast can you go?

Have a look in the children's playgrounds to see how many different activities you can try.  Hopefully they will be safe for us to play on again once the virus goes away.  

How many swings can you see? What do you do with your legs to make a swing move?

You could learn your numbers and practise counting by playing a game of disc golf.

All you need is a frisbee to use for your disc.  I bought some cheap ones for 50p each from quality save.


Play disc golf - count how many throws it takes to get your disc into the correct basket

Disc Golf Rules

Throw from the tee pad toward the target then pick up your disc and throw again.  Try to get it in the basket in as few throws as you can.

Stand on number one tee pad and throw your disc into the number one basket.

Then move onto the next number.  

Look at my pictures what numbers can you see?



Try writing numbers and try to keep a simple score card a bit like this one.

Disc golf is a good game to try.  I enjoyed playing disc golf with my family.  Try it and have fun!