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**PARENTS / CARERS OF NURSERY CHILDREN - Cut off date for renewing your 30 Hour Codes is 31st December**

Friday 26th February

Hello everyone, it was lovely to see you all on our class zoom yesterday. Today it’s Friday, nearly the weekend, let’s see what we are going to learn today.


We are going to start with our story Handa’s Surprise. Before you listen to the story, have a think about these questions. How do you think Handa knew Akeyo? Why did she want to visit her? Why did she take her a basket of fruit as a present? See if you can think of the answers to these questions as you listen to the story.

Handa's Surprise

Today’s activity is to pretend to be Akeyo and make a thank you card for Handa after bringing the tangerines. What message will you write inside your card to Handa? You might even want to ask her a question, like when will she visit again? How will you illustrate or decorate the card?


Let’s start our lesson with our warm-up to recognise our sounds and tricky words. If you already know all your sounds and tricky words, you can skip this bit.

Today we are learning another way to pronounce a grapheme.

Lesson 11 - le bubble

Word of the day

Today’s word of the day is …



Today we are going to learn about repeating patterns using 2D and 3D shapes.

Patterns with 3-D and 2-D shapes

Topic - On Safari in Africa

Traditional African clothing is made from brightly coloured and patterned material. I thought you might enjoy doing some art using your 2D shapes and doing repeating patterns. Why don’t you have a go at designing your own patterns? Watch the video for some ideas. I would love to see your work when you’ve finished 😊


Keeping active

Can you learn the moves to this song by Shakira called Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)? I’m going to have a go myself, it looks fun!

DanceFitness Kids - Shakira - Waka Waka

Well done for completing the activities this week, I hope you enjoyed it all. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you next week,


Miss Green