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**PARENTS / CARERS OF NURSERY CHILDREN - Cut off date for renewing your 30 Hour Codes is 31st December**

Week beginning 30th March and 6th April 2020

As this is Easter week we would like you to have a try at some fun activities in your home. Below are some ideas for you to try-

  • Have an egg hunt -  write down some clues to help the people finding the eggs.
  • Make some crispy cakes - film yourself as though you are making a cooking programme- don't forget to instruct your audience verbally!
  • Create an acrostic poem using the word Easter, Spring or maybe even the word chocolate!


Seasons change throughout the year.

People enjoy looking the flowers that are appearing.

Remembering the Easter story which is special to Christians. 

Incredible Easter eggs for us to eat!

Nests in the trees are filled with newborn birds.

Gorgeous little lambs are being born.






This week we are asking you to write a letter or type an e-mail. We thought it would be nice to write to Mrs Peacock, the ocarina teacher. We had so much fun learning new songs and learning to play the instrument we thought it would be a good opportunity to say thank you and tell her what we enjoyed during these sessions.


We know it may be tricky to post your letter so that is why if you can access an email account you can type your work up (or an adult can do this once you have finished handwriting it or take a picture of your work to upload). If you send your email to school we can forward it to her!Or alternatively take a picture and upload it onto our new Facebook page.


We would like you to try and include these subordinating conjunctions in your work-

  • when
  • if
  • that
  • because
  • although 


Don't forget to say who the letter is to and from. Can you include different sentence types in your writing?



This week we would like you to practise sorting sentences into sentence types by completing the activity uploaded. We have done lots of this in school but we have included a little Powerpoint to remind you.