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Thursday Remote Learning 14/1 and 7/1

Thursday 14th January

Daily timetable for today

A letter from Mrs Gill to parents

1 Good Morning from Mrs Gill

2 Star of the day card

3 Multiplying maths

4 English of the day

5 Topic Work

6 Story time with Miss Myles  


Hello Parents of 2F,

I hope you are all well and finding the resources and lessons easily.  The children are working very hard and I can see from the work that has been emailed in just how hard you are all trying. Don't worry if you are not managing to get through all the tasks. Please take time during the day to watch TV or play a game at regular times. The children at school have regular breaks and snacks so please take time.  BBC bitesize for example are now producing some fabulous programmes starting this week and your child may enjoy these. There will be some days which are better than others I know exactly what it's like working at home whilst trying to help your own child and multi tasking. Do what's realistic and enjoyable. Please use "Mrs Gill" as a way to motivate the children say you will show me the work on an email and if you need any help to motivate your child or need any help with any of the work please don't hesitate to email. 

Miss Myles who the children have had contact with in school since Nursery has started to read a Roald Dahl book especially for 2F. She will be reading it in chunks so I will add this to a story icon on our class page. Please check into this daily. I might also add a few old shorter story favourites from the bank of teacher stories we have and add some new ones too.

 Have a fantastic Thursday!

Take care from Mrs Gill

1 Good Morning from Mrs Gill 


Still image for this video
2 Star of the Day


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3 Marvellous maths

Hello 2F I'm sure with all this practising of counting in multiples forwards and backwards and times tables you are becoming a mega maths wizard!

Today we are going to start off with a little warm up video from BBC bitesize. When concentrating on one aspect of maths we like to have warm up's about other topics too. Yesterday we looked at the names of 3D shapes. I know you have been working hard at home learning the names as part of your maths homework just before Christmas. Today BBC bitesize looks at the properties of these shapes. Enjoy the video and games.        

Multiplication work today

We look today at arrays and the 5 x table. The white rose worksheets ask questions in lots of different ways to promote a full understanding of topics including puzzle type questions, real life scenarios and different ways of presenting a sum.


Here goes!

Please watch the video and answer the questions. I would like you to send me some of the maths that you have been doing at home today please on email.    

New Education city games have been uploaded today to match the days maths worksheets. Please feel free to dip in and out of these games.  
For children who need an extra challenge in Maths please log into this section and take a look at the 4 x table activities. 

4 English work 

Today I would like you to complete a reading comprehension. There are three different levels, please choose one that you think your child will be confident completing.

5 Topic Work
Mrs Hart teaches the Year 2 children in a small group for investigative science. The children get very excited working out of the classroom on experiments and practical tasks. Every Year 2 child works with Mrs Hart once every half term and they use specialist equipment such as microscopes and scales.  Mrs Hart's topic this half term is materials and we will be extending our knowledge about heating and cooling materials in class time too!      
Mrs Hart delivers our lesson today. Please watch the video below and collect as many things as you can on the list of materials. Mrs Hart would like you to investigate which materials can be twisted. 

6 Story time with Miss Myles

Please click on the story time icon on the class page .

                                      Thursday 7th January 2021


                                          2F's Timetable for today


                                        1 Mrs Gill's welcome video. 

                                        2 PSHE (Relax kids): Class Star Card of the day video.

                                        3 Maths: number bond 100 White Rose work and Education                                                       City games .

                                        4 English: Listen to the Snow Queen story, look at the                                                                descriptive picture and write sentences about the Snow                                                       Queen character.

                                        5 Topic:  Have fun watch clips on polar animals and the                                                             activities listed. Can you draw as many animals on a piece                                                     of paper that live in the Polar Regions as you can?    


1 Good morning from Mrs Gill

Still image for this video
This is what you are going to be doing today .....

2 Thursday's Star of the day card


                                          3        Maths of the day

For our first remote maths lesson we will be consolidating our addition and subtraction knowledge by looking at number bond 100.

                     Please warm up by counting in 10's to 100.

Next use a piece of paper (or if you have your maths homework book with squared paper use this) and list as many pairs to 100 as you can and know already.

examples could be 10+90=100, 50+50=100.

If your child finds this easy then ask them to choose any 2 digit for example I chose number 35 and find the pair to reach 100. the answer would be 35+65=100


                       Try to think of at least 5 pairs for our warm up.

      Now I would like you to watch the white rose video like we do in school.  Please click on the link below.           

Now you have watched the video you should be able to answer the questions on the white rose worksheet. Remember to work the answers out carefully. If you have a printer you can print out the sheet and stick it in your book but if you don't have one, don't worry, just write the answers in your book or on paper.  
Two extension games and activities for number bond 100 are listed on Education City to complete have fun! 

                                                  4 English


Today we are going to write a character profile of the Snow Queen. We have looked at using adjectives in school and I would like you to use them in your work today.


Adjectives are used to describe. Look at the photo below- can you describe what the Snow Queen looks like? Can you describe the clothes she is wearing? Can you describe her personality? You may need to listen to the story again to focus on what kind of character she is.






Using your yellow book I want you to write some sentences to describe what the Snow Queen is like. Can you draw a picture of her too?


Extension- If you can, try using a simile. A simile is when you describe something with another thing that are alike, so, for example- Her eyes were as blue as the ocean. 


Watch the video of the snow queen and join in some happy songs at the end if you feel like singing along to some good old favourites.







Snow Queen story and a few happy songs.

SNOW QUEEN animation kids story and a collection of popular kids songs nursery rhymes animated wi...

                                          5 Science Activity for the day


We have a new topic all about snow and ice and part of this topic will be about the polar regions. Have a look at this introduction to polar animals on BBC bitesize and click on the link below to take you there.

Once you have explored the clips and pictures draw some of the polar animals you have seen and label them with their names.

This is a fabulous topic and its's amazing that we have been able to see the snow and ice in real life this week.  

There is an education city game to play on animals and their habitats. Spin the wheel to match the animal to its habitat. Have fun!