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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 1

Hello Reception 2 Families

Thanks to all the grown ups and children for a lovely first week back. We have hit the ground running with our new topic 


This week we have discussed the different kinds of stories that there are. We have learnt what Traditional Tales are and have shared a Traditional Tale with a twist! We have taken a text-led approach to our learning and have selected the story Little Red by Bethan Woolvine. It is a book I'd urge you to add to your own collection at home. Otherwise here is a read out loud of the book by the author herself via YouTube for you to enjoy together at home (click on the link below)...


The children came up with some great vocabulary to create character descriptions of Little Red and that brute, The Wolf! The children have also been finding out about the different features that fiction and non-fiction books have.

In maths we have returned to other aspects of measurement and have explored measuring height, length and time. They used a non-standard units of measurement (paper clips) to accurately find the height and length of objects. It was a tricky job, especially since we found ourselves discovering that some objects had a half of a paper clip in their measurements, which was a whole new concept to explore!


In phonics we have learnt how to read and write words that contain the phonemes 'zz' and 'qu'. In Level 2 Floppy's Phonics we embark upon learning how to use digraphs in our reading and writing. A digraph is a unit of sound (a phoneme) that is made up of two letters. There are digraphs that are made up of only consonants, for example: ch sh th ng wh ph, these are consonant digraphs and there are digraphs made up of only vowels, for example: oo oa ee ai. 


This week Mr Shingler has begun a unit of dance lessons with the children. They watched a short film of Pinnochio with him and he discussed how string puppets move. He is teaching them a sequence of puppet like movements which, over the weeks, will come together as a dance-watch this space! I will video and share their hard work at the end of the unit!


Miss Hodgson and the children had a lovely time in their circle time this week, exploring the theme 'we are all the same but different'! The children have an amazing sense of self and she was so proud of their ability to talk about their own individuality and express themselves so well. 


Chaya is this week's medal winner. She was chosen for her independent nature, her love of and enthusiasm for learning and for being so helpful. 


Next week will see us retelling Little Red with pictures, as we explore the structure of stories. Bethan Woolvin is an awesome illustrator and her art is so accessible for children, so we'll be copying her style and technique in our own art work. In maths we will delve into numbers 9 and 10 and the different ways of making these numbers. We'll also be having a pancake making demo from Miss Edwards on Tuesday for Shrove Tuesday and enjoying some yummy pancakes too! cheeky




It  is World Book Day 2022 next Thursday. Our theme this year is Goodies and Baddies! The children can dress up as a goody or a baddy from a book that they know.

Please bring  in a donation (money!) to give to school for WBD when you drop off at school, we are raising funds to buy books for our class book corners. Thanks in advance for your help. heart


I'm really sorry but I'm having problems with uploading this weeks photos I'm afraid crying

But I'll solve it on my return to school on Monday. 


Enjoy the cold, crisp and sunny weather! See you on Monday!


Mrs Cook x