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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Class 2F - Mrs Gill

Fabulous Writing


This week is about the big spell. We are checking all the year 1 and 2 year words and making each child a separate list. 
Knowing the year 1 and 2 words really helps the children to write fluently. Well done to all the children for learning their spellings I can see huge improvements. 


Welcome back to school. We are starting our new topic of deserts.

We will be starting off the topic with some non fiction writing about animals that live in the desert. 

You will soon notice that the Meerkats will be coming home as a class diary. The children are so enthused by the topic that we have had to get a few Sonny’s on the go at once to speed up the amount of turns each child gets. The children were so excited to read Meerkat Mail and just love the main character Sonny.


In science the children have been designing and making a fabulous catapult with Mrs Hart. They really do make some lovely things.


PE times remain the same Monday and Tuesday this term.


Please watch the extracts of the animals dance.


This is our last week on the polar animals and regions topic. We have explored the polar bears son book and have enjoyed learning about the life of inuits and how they live.
We have been writing sentiences using noun phrases, been writing a letter and using speech marks.


In maths we have been completing our data handling work and our addition and subtraction topic.The children are really growing in confidence. 

In Geography we have been recapping on the polar regions ans the continents and oceans. 

In science we are continuing to explore food chains and how animals survive in the snow. 

it’s been a fabulous topic.


We are looking at polar animals and habitats this week and writing non fiction descriptions. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the sharp claws to dig into the ice. 
In geography we have looked at the ice travel. 
In gymnastics we have been looking at sequences, perfecting our rolls and group balances. 


We have been really getting into our new topic of polar animals. I’m dance we have been practising a penguin dance to enhance our topic.

We are looking at the Antarctica book in English and the Snow Queen.

In maths we are continuing with vertical addition and subtraction.  

Freeze frames in dance


A snowy day and a snowy topic 

Look at our fun! 


Wow! What a fabulous trip and what fantastic behaviour 2F. Super manners, patience and sharing! Have a look at our day in photos! 

Year 2 having fun

Still image for this video
So much to do and see today! Amazing place and amazing children!

Travelling to the top

Still image for this video

Arctic arts, crafts, toys and games 


Happy New Year! It's been a short first week back but the children have settled back into routines quickly and have enjoyed being back in each other's company. We started work this week on our new topic 'The Polar regions' and began by looking at the continents of the world and where the polar regions are. We will be looking at money in Maths for the next week so if there are any opportunities at home or at the shops for children to familiarise themselves with coins that would be beneficial!

PE has moved this half term toMonday (Dance) and Tuesday(Gymnastics), There will still be optional girl's football club on Thursday and boy's football club on Wednesday lunchtimes. 

Next week we have our trip to Chilll Factore on Tuesday. Can children please come to school wearing warm and comfortable clothes layers are best and with a packed lunch in a disposable carrier bag? We will be taking some fruit for snack but please send an extra named drink in the lunch bag for disposable water bottle. Metal bottles are not suitable for this trip. 


It would be helpful if children knew their shoe size so that we can quickly get them the correct sized snow boots on arrival rather than looking in each child's shoe to check!


Children will also be provided with snow suits and helmets. It will be a fantastic experience! To top off the day we have Art and Craft activities planned for the afternoon session and a snow video. 


If you have any queries about the trip please feel free to email me or see me before or after school on Monday. 


Mrs Gill 


A few extra hints

Don’t forget at least one pair of gloves, waterproof ones are best as they get easily get wet and a hat without a bobble.
Children with long hair need to tie the bobble at the bottom near the neck so the helmet fits properly.

At least one pair of socks on and please can you pop an extra pair in your child’s coat pocket. 

Just a quick note to wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your gifts and contributions to the class party fund. We celebrated with the pantomime and a party on Monday and Christmas activities and a film on Tuesday.

See you all in the New Year.

Thanks again

Mrs Gill 

Party and pantomime photos 

Amazing performances in the school play today 

This week we had a visit from Stretford fire station. We learned so much about new fire engines and compared them to fire engines in the time of the Great fire of London

Week ending 3/11/23

What a lovely week we have had in school starting our new topics "Fire Fire" and "London."  We have introduced the Great Fire of London and have watched magic grandad and enjoyed the BBC bitesize songs and stories on this topic. The children enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot.

In maths we have started multiplication and the children have really enjoyed counting in 2's, 5's 10's and 3's. 

In PE we have explored October dance with Kortnie, football skills with Sam,and throwing, catching and bowling with Mr Shingler. The children have really impressed me and I've uploaded a video for you to see! 

Please, please encourage all parents to click on the link below to complete the survey. For every survey that's completed we receive £10 of sports equipment.


A gentle reminder that earrings should not be worn on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays PE days. We are no longer allowed to cover earrings so please remove before school. Removing in class time has resulted in lost earrings and children unable to take them out themselves at such a young age. Many thanks for your support with this.      




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Week ending 21/10/23

This week we focussed on our harvest festival and what a fabulous performance it was! 
Here is a picture of the children and also some amazing recount work completed as part of our English sessions this week! I’ve also added some super Lowry drawings from our sketch books. 
Happy holidays 

Week ending 13/10 

Harvest festival is next week and there are two performances. In year 2 we are performing a song, a poem and a prayer for you all.

Just a reminder that children are to come in school uniform on Wednesday including yellow shirts

We have been looking at symmetry in maths and doubles and halves this week. It’s been good fun.

We have written harvest prayers and poems and have enjoyed this. 
We look forward to welcoming you to harvest. 

Week ending 6/10 

In maths this week we have been exploring money and values of money. We have been calculating coins added together and different ways of making an amount. 
In PE we have been continuing with football and games and also had a chance to have a short dance lesson. 
In English we have been exploring non fiction texts and have been thinking about a recount of the trip. We have been completing comprehension work and I’m so pleased with reading progress of all the children. 

Homework this week is maths sheets in the homework book and revision spellings in the spelling book. 

Active playtimes

Week ending 29/9/23

What an amazing trip and what superb behaviour. 
We have been looking closely at Lowry’s paintings and have been drawing people in the style of Lowry.

In maths we have been counting on and back in tens from given numbers and have continued to explore shapes.

In PE Mr Shingler has been extending our skills by playing circle games and the children are developing their tactics well. 

Week ending 22-9-23

Thank you to the parents that attended the meet the teacher event. Please don’t worry if you were not able to make it you are welcome to pop to see the classroom any night after school just give me a shout.

A fab Maths week this week where we have been adding and subtracting and looking at 3D shapes. It’s great to see the children’s confidence growing. 
We have continued the red riding hood traditional tale this week exploring character profiles of the wolf and red riding hood. We are concentrating on presentation and extending our sentences.

In science we are looking at animal babies and whether young are born alive or within an egg. The changes between some animals have astounded the children. 


As we approach the next week please make sure that your child has a consent form signed for the trip.  The children are excited about the trip out and travelling on the tram with their friends. 

PE stars


We have had such fun this week harvesting the apples and pressing them in the apple press hired from Salford museum. The children enjoyed tasting the apple juice and some were more keen for a second glass than others. 

You will have noticed a maths and spelling book in your child’s bag.

Maths homework will be a consolidation of the work we have completed in school each week and spellings may be individual to your child from spelling errors in their English books or from more formal spelling assessments.

Please learn as many as you can this week. 
We have been looking at jobs in Manchester and night and have enjoyed writing about them.

In science we have looked at conditions of animals needed to survive. 
In maths we have been looking at number lines counting in 10’s and ones. 
Please don’t forget there is a  meeting on Tuesday introducing you to the classroom and Year 2.




What a fabulous first week for 2F. We have been working hard on place value in maths and sentence writing in English and most of all settling into our new classroom and routines.

I’ve attached a photo of Mrs Hart and her science group of the week. Every week she takes a group of 6 children in rotation to investigate practical science and outdoor learning, 

This half term we are planting seeds in different conditions and using the apples from our school orchard to press some apple juice with some hired equipment. 

We have been exploring different types of PE this week including basketball and dance. 

Ballet style

Still image for this video


Hello and welcome to 2F! It has been a pleasure getting to know the children so far this week. We've spent time in class getting used to routines and generally settling in to Year 2 life. In terms of books and home reading, the children's books will be given out daily  and changed regularly. Children should make sure to bring their reading folders in each day and put them in the reading pots inside the classroom. PE will be on Thursdays (Football SIS) and Fridays (Mr Shingler) this half term. I will be available on the playground before and after school most days if you have any queries. 

I will be updating this page weekly on Friday with news about the learning we have done in class as well as any relevant information for the following week.

Finally, my email address is I will do my best to respond within 48 hours to any emails.


Mrs Gill