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Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Mathematical Development

Can you find 10 ducks or 10 toys to practise counting.

How many toys do you have all together?

Can you count down from 10.  Take one toy away - how many left?

Take two toys away - how many left?

Literacy writing

Can you write numbers for you toys?

10 Ducks

Mathematical Development
Hook a duck
Simple Problem Solving

Play dough recipe - enough for a group of 6

Finer Physical Development

Make Playdough using the recipe above.  Perhaps you can help your parent to count out ingredients and stir up the mixture.

See if you can roll your playdough into oval shapes to make some duck eggs.

Can you make 6 duck eggs and put them into an egg box.

Next  count the eggs in your egg box.  If you take two out how many are left and how many spaces can you see in your egg box


Owl Babies

Listen to Mrs Howarth read Owl Babies.
Just like mother duck an owl lays eggs and out of the eggs hatch baby owls.