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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week ending 24th September 2020

Our Nursery Class is increasing in size as more children are joining our group and all are continuing to settle very well.  

Covid19 Health and Safety procedures are in place to protect our children.  The children remain in our nursery bubble throughout the day which consists of morning, full time and afternoon children.  The full time children are taken to the community room where they remain in their class bubble for their lunch.

To avoid cross contamination the use of the nursery climbing frame, sand and water play have been suspended for the time being.  These will be reintroduced when it is deemed safe to do so.

Batches of toys and resources, which are set up on a daily basis, are cleaned regularly throughout the day, disinfected  then quarantined for at least 48 hours.  The children are given access to a wide range of resources each day which they are encouraged to select and replace after use.

Extra time has been allocated to the nursery at dinner time to allow for additional cleaning of resources, toys and the toilet area.

The children have quickly adjusted to hand washing and hand sanitising routines throughout the day and are learning good respiratory hygiene.

We have plenty of ventilation in the nursery with opened doors and windows and we continue to promote outdoor play.  The outdoor forms a crucial part of our learning environment.

Nursery Dance Class

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This week we had our first nursery dance lesson and the children loved it!

Autumn Colour Collage - we have some very creative nursery children

Nursery Fund

Parents are asked to donate £1 a week towards our nursery class fund.  This voluntary donation covers the cost of baking, play dough, parties and extra equipment for the nursery.  The nursery fund can be paid via PARENT PAY.  You can pay £1 a week, half termly or as a one off yearly payment.

Activation codes for parent pay will be sent out once all the children have been admitted into the nursery.  

In the time that we are waiting for the 'Parent Pay' system to be set up £1 a week in a named envelope would be greatly appreciated.  We have recently used our nursery fund to buy essential equipment to meet the needs of the changing curriculum due to coronavirus.  We have bought wipe down paint aprons and enough plastic containers, playdough tools and rolling pins to provide each child with one each.   

Now each child has their own pot of play dough complete with their own set of play dough tools - this is to avoid the cross contamination that can occur when sharing resources that can not be easily cleaned.