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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Autumn 2

Week 8

Monday started with the panto-oh no it didn't!!! Oh yes it did!!! The children were amazing audience members. 



We had a great party on Monday, which saw a special visitor come to school. 

A big thank you from all the nursery staff for the presents received - they are really appreciated. Have a wonderful Christmas - enjoy the holiday! 

See you in 2024!

Week 6 and 7


The last two weeks have been dominated by the Christmas play... and what a play it was! 

We have continued to enjoy play based around 'cold' themes. Our tuff spots have turned into frozen lands. 

You may have noticed that the trees have been chopped down by the entrance to nursery. This caused some unexpected disruption last week, but some great ideas for our play. We made a house for all the stick men the workers left! 

On our creative table our children have now been taught how to mix their own paint using powder. You may have noticed lots of paintings coming home! The children have complete control, creating their own palette of colour to paint with. 

We are always mark-making in nursery, and this week we enjoyed doing this on acetate with board markers.

Week 5


This week the cold has brought such a great opportunity to explore the world around us. We've had lots of ice and frost, which the children have loved investigating!


Our book this week was We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The children were invited to draw characters from the story at the mark making table. We had some amazing work produced! 

We have been busy subitising in maths(recognising amounts without having to count them). A really fun way to help your child with this is by playing a board game which requires a dice. They can get used to instantly spotting the amount on each face rolled!


Don't forget it is our Santa Dash on Monday afternoon. The children are welcome to wear festive hats and headbands. 

Week 4


The children in Nursery really enjoy role-play! Following the children's interests we have had a 'Nursery', and now we have a Doctor's Surgery. 


We have also been enjoying our sensory boards; exploring the different textures of these boards and describing them to others.


We have started our Christmas play with Reception, and we are already singing beautifully to the songs. I will let you know this week if we need you to provide anything for your child's costume. There will be some children who are going to be 'party children' and will require some party clothes for the days of the play. Other parts have costumes provided by school. 


Please can you send in a picture of your child with their family so we can start our circle time focus. Thank you to all of you who sent in a special box- we loved hearing your child talk about their special items. They will be returned next week.  

Week 3


This week in Nursery we have been busy looking at all the different seasons and thinking about the things we will see during the seasons. We have linked colours to this to create our beautiful calendars, which will make there way home soon!


We have continued to make rangoli patterns and create mendhi.


Week 2


*Don't forget it is Odd Socks Day on 13.11.23


This week we have been comparing length in our maths sessions. The children were challenged to order brooms from longest to shortest.


In our provision we have explored creating fireworks in our malleable area. 

Outdoors we have enjoyed clearing leaves and moving rainwater! 


In our tuff spots we have been busy mark making in sparkly glitter! 

The children have continued to enjoy the story The Colour Monster. Using jars on our writing table the children were encouraged to colour their jars according to how they were feeling.


We learnt about Remembrance Day through a wonderful animation on the BBC.


The children then went onto explore poppies on the creative table. 

Week 1


This week we have been enjoying lots of activities linked to Halloween and Bonfire Night.


We have been making potions and pumpkins in the indoor provision. Outdoors we have been busy making wands, feeding the spider with our tuff spot challenge. In our small tuff spot we had some 'worms', which were very realistic but were actually just pinky/brown spaghetti strands!




We have discussed how to keep safe on Bonfire Night, and the children enjoyed watching a sparkler being lit.



We are encouraging the children to mark make, and, if ready, to write their own name using their name card for guidance. Please encourage your child to do this at home- this will help them on their journey towards being able to write.


For more information, tips and advice please click on the link below-,path%20also%20works%20really%20well.


In our Reading Corner we have enjoyed sharing new books linked to our topic and revisiting our key text for this week- The Colour Monster, which really explore emotions we may feel.            




Dark Grey- fear