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Tuesday 19th January

Tuesday 19th January 

Good morning children and families! 

Here is our phonics work for today. Click on the link underneath and play Tricky Word Trucks with me. laugh

Part 2 of today's phonics - ue


This week we are going to read Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers. 

Here is the story..

Up and Down

and here I am reading it too.

Can you print and cut out or have a go at drawing the characters and using them as puppets today? Your job is to practise acting the story out and saying out loud what the characters might have been thinking when they were in the story. 

Here are some pictures to help you, and the story as a powerpoint to look at as you act out the story, it will help you remember the order that the events happened in.


Today we are recapping our number bonds to 10.

Please watch the White Rose Lesson and join in with the worksheet, and then fill in the star sheet bonds to 10 (or write them down another way if you don't want to print it out). Please send this work to me today, and let me know how you found it. 

Topic - Ready, Steady, Go!


Today we are going to ask the question:

Why are the Wright brothers famous and why do we remember them after they died?

Here is a photograph of Orville and Wilbur Wright. They lived 100 years ago. (They are dead now.) Please watch the video below and remind yourselves about the Wright brothers and why they are famous.

Did you remember that they are famous because they invented the first engine powered aeroplane called the Wright Flyer which could carry a person in the air? This changed the way people were able to travel, and it means we can now travel to faraway places. 


How do we know this really happened?

This event happened in 1903 - that's over 117 years ago! No-one is still alive to tell us if this really happened, so as historians we look for clues from what has been left behind to prove this really happened. 
Today we will look at some photographs that were taken in 1903 when the Wright brothers were testing the Wright Flyer. Talk with someone at home about the photographs below.

How do we know the photographs were taken a long time ago?

What can you see happening in the photographs?

What are the people wearing?

Are they different to the clothes we wear today?

What do you think happened before the photograph was taken?

What do you think happened immediately after the photograph was taken?

(If you click on the images they will enlarge).

Great work today, we will carry on with this tomorrow. laugh


Physical activity

A new and exciting opportunity has come into school from The Wire Gymnastics Club in Warrington. It starts this afternoon on Zoom!

Love and a double thumbs up for you all!

Mrs O'Connell xx