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Wednesday Remote Learning 13/1

Wedneday's timetable

1 Good Morning from Mrs Gill

2 Star of the day "Dancing Star"

3 Multiplication Maths  

4 English Work

5 Topic Work

6 Dance of the day 

1 Good Morning 2F


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2 Star of the day 

Dancing Star



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3 Multiplication maths 

Warm up

Today’s lesson starts with a 3D shape quiz. I hope you can remember the names of these shapes.  Can you spot Mrs Gill's deliberate mistake? I hope you can correct me!! 


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Today's multiplication is a revision of the 10x table which you should all be learning at home. I hope you are getting more and more confident with this times table. We are going to do our maths in two parts today the first part is multiplication using pictures. Please watch the videos and answer as many of the questions on the worksheets as you can.    

Extension games have been placed on Education City today. Enjoy playing the games.


Extension work for those children who would like it is attached here.  (Please only look at multiplication x 3 as other videos may be used on another day for extension.) 

4 English work for Wednesday



Today we are going to be writing facts about Emperor penguins.  I would like you to create a factsheet about these birds: what they eat, where they live, how they survive, how they raise their young. Use the website below to find out some interesting information-,fluctuate%20dramatically%20throughout%20the%20year.


Think back to your work that you did on Monday where you watched a video and Mrs Ogden showed you all how to write statements, you will be doing the same today. Watch the short videos about penguins and also think about the story I read to you yesterday.


You can print off the penguin sheet or use your yellow book if you do not have a printer. Please can you ask your grown up to email this work to Mrs Gill. 


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5 Topic work




Did you enjoy the songs from yesterday? Well today you are going to test your knowledge of the continents and the oceans. Watch the Powerpoint as I explain what I would like you to do for our foundation work.


6 Dance with Mrs Murphy