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Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February

Topic - RE

Here is some information about Shrove Tuesday. You will hear Miss Green reading it out to you when you play it as a slideshow! 

Today's activity is to write two facts about why Christians observe Shrove Tuesday with pancakes and then design your perfect pancake!

Your sentences might read something like this:

Pancake Day is when milk and eggs are used up.

Christians give up something they like for Lent. 


Please can you email me your sentences and your perfect pancake idea today. cheeky


Here is a story called Mr Wolf's Pancakes. Please listen to the story and fill in the story questions. 

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

Our word of the day is...                                 when

Remember you can practise using it in your sentences when you are writing or put it on a piece of paper and display it around the house to practise reading or even challenge your family to see who can spell it from memory the fastest!

Phonics a_e and e_e split digraphs

(Sorry my video cut off at the end!) 


For maths this week, we are starting a new topic all about shape. Miss Charlton introduces the different 3D shapes below and finds some everyday objects with the same shape. She also makes a link to the singing Walrus song. It didn’t work for me on the video, so I’ve put the link below just in case you need it.

Today’s activity should be done practically. I know most of you will not have wooden 3D shape blocks at home, so like Miss Charlton can you go on a shape hunt around your house and find everyday objects with the same shape? You could even use these objects to make the train as suggested on the sheet. Some of these shapes may be a little bit tricky to find but it’s always fun to try and have a go!

Physical Activity

Here is Miss Murphy's dance lesson for today.

Have a great rest of your day,

Love, Mrs O'Connell Xx