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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Tuesday Remote Learning 19/1

Happy Tuesday

Today's plan is a little different. We are going to start off today with a bit of exercise. 


1 Wake up your body ready to learn. Maybe your adults will enjoy joining too.

5-a-day Fitness: Big Jubilee Dance - YouTube

Slow down


2 Maths of the day 

Oral starter

Please practice your counting with Mrs Gill.  


Today we continue with division by 2 and 5. Please watch the videos and complete the two attached White Rose Maths worksheets.  



Still image for this video
Check out Education City there are lots of dividing games to play and individually allocated extensions.  
Please can you email me one maths worksheet today? I look forward to seeing this.

3 English of the day

 a) Phonics phase 6 Learn about plurals


b) Instructions

Yesterday we looked at bossy verbs in sentences. Today we are going to use what we have learnt to write a set of instructions. Watch the short video about instructions for making a jam sandwich.

Expository Writing - How to make a jam sandwich - YouTube


Can you remember Mrs Hart setting fire to the wooden houses at the far side of the playground? Here are some photographs to help you remember. What did she do first?


Maybe you could use the words "First, Next, Then,  Finally" to start your sentences or  use a bossy word like "Place, Light, Move"  to start other sentences. Remember that these sentences have to be written in the order that we do things. Each sentence needs to be written on a separate line each one numbered.


I have started you off but you may prefer to start of in a different way. 


1 First walk safely and sensibly to the cones in the playground.

2 Watch Mr Skinner light the first house.


Watch my video to recall what happened when with a brief reminder of the morning.


Please write your instructions in your yellow book.




Still image for this video

4 Science

Yesterday we looked at lots of different habitats but today we are going to home in and concentrate on just two of them. We are going to learn about the polar bear and the camel today and I'm going to ask you to draw both of the animals and then record some information underneath each one. There will be 3 questions that we are going to find the answers too. You may already know some of the answers but its always good to check and see.


Please look carefully at these questions.


How do Polar bears eat and drink in their habitat?

How do Polar bear survive and find shelter?

How do Polar bears adapt to the snow? What features are special to them? eg thick fur


Now do the same for the camel.

Can you record what they eat and drink in their habitat?

Can you tell me how they survive and find shelter?

How is their body adapted to life in the heat?    


5 Story time 

Please click on Miss Myles story and enjoy!