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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Autumn 2 - Time detectives

Busy, busy, busy!!!

1G has been an absolute hive of activity since I updated this page last.  


A special visitor:

Playground fun:
and so much maths......


and let's not forget our window display.  Have you been looking at the window displays around school and trying to guess the Christmas songs?




Well next week is the last week of term and it is set to be a busy week again.  The children will be 'singing in the cold' on Monday (but if the weather is too wet it may have to be postponed), there are parties, pantos and a class quiz.  What a way to end 2020 in school!


Sending very best wishes and hope that you are all keeping safe and well

Week ending 27th November


Firstly, an update for parents: Unfortunately Miss Green and Mrs Nield are still unwell and will not be in school but we are very pleased to be able to tell you that Miss Carr and Mr Cartwright will be working with 1G, providing continuity and enthusiasm for the children.  They will both be at the gates before and after school so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to them or alternatively, ring school.  We all wish Miss Green and Mrs Nield well and hope that they feel better soon.


The children have had a very productive week in maths, using a number line for addition.  They have been adding single digits to two digit numbers:  21+8.  They have started at 21 and jumped 8 along the number line.  Have a try at home with different numbers.  At this point the children may struggle to draw the number line themselves, as it is quite tricky to write the numbers small enough on the number line - you might need to help them with this.


In Art they have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh and are beginning to recreate their own interpretation of his work, 'Starry Night'.  See if you can find out some interesting facts about the painting or artist to bring into school next week.                                                                                                                                                                                        


There has been a little technical hitch this week with our class photos downloading onto the network.  I will update this page with pictures as soon I can.  Apologies for this but we all hope that you have a lovely weekend



Week ending 20th November


Well, a bit of a wet end to the week but we have had some lovely autumnal weather this week and the children have been able to play outside at breaks and lunchtime and we even managed to have our Friday assembly outside (although it was on Thursday!)


True to their word, Miss Carr and Mr Cartwright have displayed the children's monster drawings - they look great on the classroom wall and the children love to point out their work to their friends.  There has been a really positive, supportive atmosphere in class, with children sharing their ideas and choosing words to put on a Gruffalo wall, playing constructively together and they finished the week with a 'mindfulness' session.  The children (and staff) practised relaxing themselves to music.

In Maths this week, there has been a big push on number bonds to 10.  The children need to be able to recall these number facts quickly:  8 and what makes 10? 6 and what makes 10.  Could you try to practise these orally over the weekend and see which ones they are able to recall.

In English, the children have moved from using thought bubbles to speech bubbles and some children have actually tried to use speech marks in their writing - this is amazing! 

If you check your child's book bag, you will find spellings that they need to learn at home.  There is no magic trick, just practise, practise and practise some more.  Try reading them first, then copying them and then writing them without looking - you will need lots of patience but when they can do it, the sense of achievement, makes it all worthwhile.

Finally, next week, in History, the class are learning about life in the 1960's.  The children have thought about different questions that they would like to ask.  Please have a look at their questions and see if you could find friends or family who could talk to them about life in the 1960's.


There might seem to be lots of activities here but they do not all have to be done this weekend.  Dip in and out of the tasks and enjoy them as a family.

Take care and have a lovely weekend





Week ending 13th November


Happy Friday 1G!


Can you believe it is the end of the second week already but they do say, time flies when you’re having fun and that’s definitely been the case in 1G this week.

I catch up at least twice a day with Miss Carr and Mr Cartwright to find out what the children have been up to and I pop my head through the door and I am very pleased to say that the children are always busy and enjoying lots of lovely activities.

A big focus this week has been The Gruffalo and looking at the story from the perspective of the mouse.  The children enjoyed a hot seating activity, where they took turns being the mouse and everyone asked 'the mouse' questions......

The children also made puppets from The Gruffalo and used these to support their work on thought bubbles, taking on the role of different characters.  They had the opportunity to retell the story, in groups, to the rest of the class, using their puppets and Miss Carr and Mr Cartwright were very impressed with their use of adjectives and voices.....


On Wednesday afternoon Mr Cartwright linked the children's love of The Gruffalo with their passion for drawing and they created their own monsters!  Unfortunately though, the pictures were so good that we want to display them in school so we are not sending them home just yet but we thought that you might like to look at them with your child and play 'spot my monster'.....

In Maths the children have been working on the 'part - whole' model.  This is helps children to visualise the relationship between the whole number and the component parts and helps them to make connections between addition and subtraction.  Ask your child to explain one of the pictures below and see if you can try some together at home.


Well I am sure that you agree that your children have been working very hard - and this is only the update since Wednesday!

Have a lovely weekend everybody, enjoy the sunshine or splash in puddles and we will see you bright and breezy, Monday morning, at the gates  smiley



Up to 10th November


Firstly, I'm sure you will all join me in wishing Miss Green a speedy recovery and hope she is feeling better soon - hopefully this page will cheer her up when she sees what the children have been doing. 

Whilst Miss Green is off, Miss Carr is teaching the class.  Working alongside Miss Carr, is Mr Cartwright who the children know very well and they are all working together brilliantly.  They are working hard, playing hard and most importantly, getting to lunch on time!!

To help you talk to your child about school and extend their learning at home, these are some of the things that the children have been working on.

First and foremost, our priority was to settle the children back into school and to get to know Miss Carr and this transition was seamless.  The children came back with their usual smiles and enthusiasm and to be honest, were raring to go.

In Maths, the children have been comparing numbers and using 'greater than' and 'less than' signs (< > =).  In school the children rolled a dice to find the numbers to compare but at home you could give your child bigger numbers and help them make sure that they are writing 17 for seventeen, rather than 71.

In English, the focus for the next two weeks is the Gruffalo.  This week the children have been focusing on the characters thoughts, using thought bubbles and also learning about adjectives and how they improve their writing.  If you share a story with your child at home, you could ask them what they think different characters are thinking and why and also ask them to describe characters or actions using amazing adjectives.

One thing I have been particularly impressed with in 1G, is their Art work.  There are certainly some budding artists in this class.  I hope you were all equally amazed with the Toucans or Owls that your child brought home.  If you want to try at home, have a look on YouTube or Facebook for 'Drawing with Rob'; there are draw-along videos to help children to create pictures. 

The children also created their own firework pictures, taking inspiration from the London 2020 firework display.  They used their knowledge of primary colours to mix and make secondary colours and added a touch of p-zazz with glitter!  Well done 1G.

I hope you found this useful and enjoy the pictures below - look out for next weeks update.  Please note, 1G's parents evening is temporarily postponed but Miss Vrlec will be in touch with a new date and times.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.  Happy viewing

Mrs Walkden, Miss Carr and Mr Cartwright