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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Week 5

I Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far! 

Well, we have travelled the world this week, to find out how families from different countries eat, play, what they wear and the homes that they live in. We've taken the register in different languages too!

In maths we have explored length and height and have practised our problem solving skills. We have measured the length of our feet using multi-link cubes and the length of other every day objects using smaller cubes as a non-standard measurements. To explore height we worked in pairs to find out how many hands tall our partner was. The children loved being presented with a challenge and they worked together so sensibly and co operatively to get their results.

From next week, we will begin to look at some more complex phonemes in our Floppy's Phonics lessons. We will learn about digraphs. These are phonemes (sounds), that are represented by 2 letters, for example 'ch'. Have you accessed Oxford Owl at home? There is a wealth of practise resources for you to carry out with your child. Just use the Oxford Owl log-in that you were provided with. Here is some information on the kind of resources available and some guidance. 

In our class we work together to try to make the right choices. We have a class marble jar and when we work as a team, we are awarded marbles in recognition. The jar takes a while to fill up and this week we finally filled it up! As a reward, we chose to make iced, decorated biscuits as a super treat. Well done R2! Team work makes the dream work!






Next week is Chinese New Year and it is the Year of the Dragon. We have some lovely activities planned and so many interesting things to find out about this wonderful festival.


Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Mrs Cook x x x