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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 8th June 2020


This week we would like you to follow some of the English lessons in BBC Bitesize. Each lesson has a specific focus and a range of activities. We would ask you to try and complete one activity but if you wish to do more that is fine. During this half term we would normally be consolidating the children’s knowledge and skills so your child should be familiar with the content of each lesson.

This week we are looking at:


Different types of sentences


Writing command sentences


Exclamation marks


We might ask the children to practise using these skills in our topic work this week.


As the topic for this half term is ‘castles’, we wanted the children to think about the kinds of characters that are sometimes found in story books where the setting is a castle. Maybe knights, kings, queens, princesses and dragons!  We chose a book for you to read which is about some of those characters. It is called ‘Knights and Dragons Unite’.

Before you read the story (link is below) think about these questions:


What usually happens in a story where there is a dragon and a knight?

What does the word unite mean?

What do you think might happen in this story?


Were you right? Were you surprised by what happened in the story?

Can you remember who all the characters were? What did you like or not like about the story?

Imagine that someone you know has never read the story and wants to know all about it. Can you write a book review using the worksheet below to help them? (link below)

If you can’t print it off, then you could just write on a piece of paper or even just talk about it with your grown up.


Now for some challenges!!


Rewrite this sentence adding the correct punctuation and capital letters.


The dragons shouted aristar how did you catch this man


What kind of punctuation goes at the end of this sentence?


How did you catch a dragon


Which words in the sentences should start with a capital letter?


“at least we tried said aristar.”i guess they just don’t care.”