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Week beginning 29th June 2020

To continue our movement topic we will look at different ways children, animals, birds and insects move.

Some insects and animals move slowly and some insects and animals move quickly.

The snail moves slowly.  Listen to one of my favourite stories, Snail Trail by Ruth Brown.

Snail Trail

Can you draw a picture of a snail or of your favourite part of this story.   Write your name in the top left hand corner of your paper and try to write about your picture.  Scribe for your child once they have had a go at writing so that hey can see the correct letter formation.

Encourage your child to use positional language as used in the book e.g. up a hill, over a bridge, down a slope.  

Use pens, paints or chalk to draw a snail trail,  make marks that go up and down, over, under, round and round.  See what kind of patterns you make with your snail trail.


Books and stories for this weeks Movement Topic:

  •   Norman the slug with a Silly Shell by Sue Hendra
  •   Digger and Lew by Malachy Doyle
  •   Frog on a Log by Phil Roxbee and Stephen Cartwright

Songs and Rhymes for this weeks Movement Topic:

  •   Little Mousey Brown (Up the tall White Candlestick.
  •   Incy Wincy Spider
  •   Theres a Worm At The Bottom of My Garden