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Friday 15.1.21

Good Morning 2D. I can't believe it's Friday again! I hope everyone is well and that you have all had a good week. The work that some of you sent me last week was fantastic -well done! Today you are going to be learning about some more types of sentences in English and in Maths you will be looking at time.


Today, we will be looking at commands and exclamations. A command is a sentence that tells someone what to do. It usually starts with a verb, which describes an action.Sometimes we call them 'bossy' verbs because they tell people what to do. 

Can you use a bossy word to make a command?

You could say:

Turn around.

Pick up that book.

Turn over the page.

Jump up and down.

Use the bossy word mat below, to think of as many command sentences as you can.

You could play a game of Simon Says using your bossy words!


Before you do your writing activity below, have a look at the 'exclamation marks' powerpoint with your grown up.



Writing Activity

Now I would like you to look at, 'powerpoint exclamations and commands' below. You will need to write some of the activities in your yellow book but some are just to talk about.

Please remember to use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop or exclamation mark at the end. Remember to keep your handwriting as neat as you can. Only use capital letters at the start of the sentence or  for names.







For our warm up this week I would like you to practise counting in 5's to 100. You could try it a few times starting with a different number each time. Can you try counting backwards in 5's?

Now try these:

What is 5 more than 45?

What is 5 more than 55?

What is 5 more than 35?

What is 5 less than 80?

What is 5 less than 15?


Your grown up might be able to ask you a few more.


Main Activity

This week we are going to be learning about time. Below is a clock that you can cut out and make. You have to put the numbers on and attach the hands.



You can use it to practise reading the time. Your grown up can ask you to make a time on the clock or they can make a time on the clock for you to read.

You are going to be practising reading and writing: O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. Read this powerpoint with your grown up.

Now, I would like you to use the paper clock that you have made to show these times.

Can you make:

1 o'clock

Quarter past 1

Half past 1

Quarter to 2

Half past 12

Quarter past 4


Perhaps your grown up could ask you some more. If you are finding it tricky, start with o'clock and half past times to begin with.

Now you can print off these worksheets or look at them on the computer. Remember to try and spell these words correctly:


half past

quarter past 

quarter to


Maths Extension

If you would like a challenge why not try this. You have to work out 1 hour  later than a time. For example:

1 hour later than 1o'clock is - 2'oclock

1 hour later than half past 3 is - half past 4

Remember it is only the hour that changes.


If you wanted to try some games, you could print off these below. There are a lot of sheets so I would perhaps be a little selective if you are going to print any off.




Friday Challenge

This week to fit in with some of the topic work, I thought you could try a mini 'ice investigation'. All you need is a little figure ( like a lego character) , an empty yoghurt pot and some water! Can you find a way to help your little character escape from the ice?



If you have more than one yoghurt pot, you could freeze more than one figure. You could put  them in different places or think about different ways to melt the ice and see which figure escapes first!

Talk about what you plan to do with your grown up and get them to help you. You could draw a picture to show how you helped your character escape. Have fun!


If you would like send any work to me, I would really like to see the commands and exclamations that you write in your book. You could ask your grown up to take a photograph and email it to me.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.