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Hello Reception 2 Families, great to see you! 

Let's get stuck in to some fab Friday fun!


Friday's Topic Activity


Let's find out with the Story Bots how rainbows are made...



CBeebies: Messy Goes to OKIDO - What is a rainbow?

Friday's Literacy Activities


Everyone can be a poet! What lovelier a thing to write a poem about than a rainbow!



Grownups. There is a print out below. Alternatively, our child create and perform this out loud.


Friday's Phonics Activities


Point to and sound the Phase 2 and 3 Phonemes on the mats below...


Grownups! We have only learnt up to oo/oo!


Read the 'ee' words...


Now, grown ups, hide them and ask your child to write them!


Need a challenge? Choose 3, put them into a sentence, say the sentences out loud, then write the sentences and don;t forget finger spaces!


Now, do the same with the 'ai' words...


Keep practising securing those Tricky Words! Just follow the PowerPoint link below the picture...


Friday's Maths Activities


Warm up your brains maths dudes and dudettes! Get busy with this maths scavenger hunt!


Let's find out about the - sign...






Can you make a subtraction sign/minus/take away sign with your arm? Can you practise writing a subtraction sign/minus/take away sign?


Use the number picture numbers to practise subtraction. You can print them, link below, or use the screen. There are 2 levels of difficulty.




Friday's Physical Challenge


Friday Dance!!!!!!

Let's end a lovely week, with a lovely story from lovely Miss Hodgson!


Have a really lovely weekend everyone! Only one more home learning week to go! Please try your best to continue with the home learning right to the end, as this will really benefit the children when they return to school. 


Best wishes 

Mrs Cook x