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Monday 19th October

Hello everybody, I hope you all had a good weekend.


This week we are going to be reading our new book Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell. As you can see from the illustrations the story is set on a farm. As you listen to the story think about the two main characters of the lazy famer and the duck. Tell an adult what you liked or didn’t like about the characters and why. You might need to listen to the story more than once.

Story - FARMER DUCK by Martin Waddell

What happens on the farm when not everyone is playing their part? By Martin Waddell

Now I want you to think about the jobs the duck did on the farm. Would a duck really do these jobs? Why did the duck only say ‘quack’ to the farmer? How might the duck be feeling? Today’s activity is to write about what you think the duck meant when he said ‘quack’.


For our phonics this is today’s lesson.

Lesson 21 - Year 1

Our Year 1 Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons.

The children really enjoy practically consolidating their phonics learning with on-line games. This is today’s game.



Today's lesson is about comparing and ordering three numbers within 20.


RE and Art

What is a Harvest festival? Use the presentation to find out what a harvest festival is and why we still traditionally celebrate it in the UK.

Look at the paintings and etching showing harvest traditions in the past. Let’s be art detectives today. Imagine you have jumped into the painting or etching. What can you see? What are the people doing? How do you think they are feeling? What is the weather like? How do you know these paintings were painted a long time ago? (a clue – look at how the people are dressed).

The black and white etching shows the people in the village celebrating the end of the harvest with singing and dancing. Can you see that some of the men and women are wearing hats with a crown of flowers or fruits that have been harvested? Today I would like you to make your own harvest crown. It could be a crown of flowers or autumnal leaves or you could choose to draw or cut out and stick some pictures of fruits and vegetables on it.



It should have also been our PE session with Mrs Murphy today. So that you don’t miss out why don’t you try learning her solo dance she recorded for us earlier in the year.


Story time

Pumpkin soup by Helen Cooper

Story Time - Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper