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Spellings help

Our main target for Term 1 is to secure the Year 1 and 2 common exception words.

Every week I will send your child approximately 10 words these will unique to them and sometimes may be taken from their own writing to correct any words being consistently spelt incorrectly.

It is really important when the children are writing the 3 sentences to write in pencil and to correct any letters formed incorrectly or any capitals used in the middle of words. The children are expected to show their best handwriting at all times and I'm sure they will enjoy showing you how amazing it is!


There are many spelling apps and websites that you can visit to play games and learn spellings. This complements the cover and write method that we show the children. if your child spells a word incorrectly when practising ask them to write it cover it and try and write it again without looking. I always say play spelling games on the way to school sounding the letters rather than writing them down all the time. Lots of different ways help your child to succeed.


Spellings will be tested on Mondays and should be returned every Monday. 


When writing sentences try and remember to check for 

1 Capital letters and full stops. (or exclamation marks or question marks if your child prefers)

2 Letters correctly formed and sitting on the line.

3 Try and use adjectives to describe and make the sentences interesting and use because to extend the sentences.

4 As the children mature we may set a task for the sentences such as 3 sentences with speech marks in.